Descriptions of the product Afficianado Wannabe A cigarette? Let’s start! If you’re willing to take risks (as detailed in this book!) May enjoy learning about the history of snuff in general and in particular the cigars! From novice to semi-expert, “So You Wannabe a cigar Afficiainado?” will help you learn how to enjoy what will soon become one of the favorite card time – smoking cigars. Here are the chapter titles: Chapter 1: Brief history of cigars and TobaccoChapter 2: Smoking 101Chapter 3: Cigars 101: An overview of CigarsChapter 4: 5 EtiquetteChapter cigarette smokers: cigar selection: The ProcessChapter 6: 4 Tips to turn a CigarChapter 7: W.. . More>>

So You Wannabe A Cigar Afficianado?: Let’s Get Started!

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