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In this day and age there are all sorts of regulations making airline travel seem more complicated than ever before. With restrictions on size, new security measures in place and rules on what you can and cannot take in your hand luggage, it’s all a bit of a pain. Nonetheless, these rules and regulations have been created as a means of protection for all travelers.

Keep up with the Changes

This is not always easy and things seem to change from week to week which causes more and more confusion for the traveler. However, turning up at the airport and pleading ignorance is absolutely no excuse and you will no longer get away with it. By far the best way to avoid any bother at the airport as far as your luggage is concerned is to make sure you know and understand the rules before setting off on your journey.

The website of the airline you are traveling with is a great way to find out all of the up to date rules about hand or carry on luggage and even though airports in America all have the same body of rules, some are interpreted in a different way to others.

International flight rules for carry on luggage can be even more complicated than domestic flights. Security is much stricter and you will, of course, be subject to the rules and regulations of your destination country. This works in the same way when you are leaving that country and setting off on your journey home. You will need to be aware of the departing rules and regulations.

Some of the various rules appear to be more of a request than a stipulation. For instance, you may be asked to bring the smallest piece of luggage you are traveling with onto the aircraft as carry on luggage. You are, however, allowed to take a piece of hand luggage onto the aircraft up to the maximum size and weight if you so wish.

In the same way, the Transportation Security Administration advises that you should stow away any electronic gear in your checked baggage, although it is permissible to carry them in your hand luggage.

Avoid the Headache

Every one of us has been in the queue at the airport with a passenger in front of us who simply refuses to conform to carry on luggage rules and tries to take a bigger bag onto the aircraft with him. It’s so embarrassing and not only that it holds everyone else up. These members of staff are only doing their jobs and causing a furor will not make them turn a blind eye. You can avoid being this person by making yourself aware of the rules associated with carry on luggage prior to your arrival at the airport.

By simply taking a few steps to stay informed about current carry on luggage rules, you can ensure that your journey is safer, easier, and quicker.

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