When planning on an Alaska Cruise there are some things you should make sure you take with you and some items that you should get prior to your cruise. Simply by being organized you can make sure you are able to enjoy your visit to Alaska and make the most of your vacation. Most of the items are simply commonsense items however they can be easily overlooked.

When you book your cruise it is always a good idea to get your travel insurance at the same time, this insurance will offer you different types of protection. Most people book a cruise well in advance of their departure date and should you need to cancel having booked so early the travel protection cover should cover most eventualities. So in the event of an illness, major injury to yourself or anyone traveling with you should be covered.

Your travel protection insurance will also cover you whilst you are in Alaska. Your insurance usually covers you for medical costs in the event of an accident or a serious injury whilst on your vacation. Should you require to be taken to hospital by helicopter from the ship then the insurance cover should cover this as well. Can you imagine the cost for a helicopter for a journey like that! Most holiday insurance will also cover your luggage and personal possessions. Check your policy for full details and make sure the cover is suitable for your needs.

For travellers from the United Stares make sure you have a valid copy of your birth certificate and suitable photographic identification or a passport with you. This is very important if your cruise ship visits a Canadian port as otherwise you may be unable to get off the ship. All other travelers will already have passports with them which they used to gain entry to the United States or Canada.

Plan ahead and make sure you pack appropriate clothing for the formal nights and some smart but casual attire for the less formal nights aboard the ship. Swimsuits and such shouldn’t be forgotten for the ships pool and Jacuzzi.

Make sure you take into consideration the weather conditions in Alaska and take clothing suitable for the time of year you are traveling. By layering your clothes you can remain comfortable and warm at all times. If you have waterproof of hiking boots this will enable you to enjoy some of the shore excursions you otherwise wouldn’t be able to without them.

When it comes to shampoo and soap some cruise ships are no different to hotels and only provide small bars of soap and small bottles of basic shampoo. Make sure you pack soap and shampoo with your other items such as lotions and toothpaste. Take similar items you would if you were going on an extended vacation.

It is advisable to take travelers cheques for the added security benefits as if they are stolen or lost they can be replaced but cash can’t. Extra cash can be used for shopping trips or for dining out whilst visiting a port of call in Alaska.

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