Tai Chi is a very ancient Chinese form of martial arts which focuses on the internal energy in the body more commonly referred to by the Chinese as “chi”. The aim of Tai Chi is to increase the flow of chi and integrate the mind, body and spirit promoting both mental and physical well-being.

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Calisthenics or weightlifting also emphasize only on the individual muscles although they provide a wide range of motion to the muscles unlike Isometric exercises. All these exercises do not improve your overall physique. Only Tai chi helps building your physique totally.

Tai chi views the mind and body not as disconnected but as different aspects of life energy. According to ancient Chinese medicine our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our physical heath so it is essential to improve our emotional and mental health. The external factors such as the climate, the seasons and the weather also affect our wellbeing. So Illness is an indication of imbalance inside the body and the environment.

Tai Chi require you to keep your body, mind and breath together while moving in a rhythmical, effortless and in continuous flow. With regular practice, you will learn how to relax the mind and body eliminating any feelings of stress and tension.

For centuries Tai chi was practiced in secret in Chan villages north china then in the mid 18th century ‘yang lu chan’ became the first outsider to learn Tai chi and it became popular. In 1930 ‘cheng man ching’ simplified it as a health exercise form and it spread in china. It became popular in the United States and Europe in late sixties when ‘cheng man ching’ came to New York and opened a large Tai chi school to non Chinese students.

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