Product DescriptionWithin these pages are live pictures of fifteen groups of Native Americans in Arizona and northern Mexico. Navajo, Western Apache, the Hualapais, Yavapais and Havasupais, the Yaquis, the OÂ’odham, the Tarahumara, the Southern Paiutes, the Seri, the Colorado River Yumans – Quechan, Mohave, and Maricopa Cocopa – and the Hopi. Literally and figuratively, walk the roads that are the same paths walked by their ancestors, dating back hundreds or even thousands of years. Through history, most of these groups have had their lands conquered by outside military forces and its people scattered everywhere. However, despite years of internal exile and subjugation, all of them have kept their culture alive. . . More>>

Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest and Northern Mexico

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