by Tony Hetherington

They promise you the world with each new guru off but the truth about making money online is kept from you because it takes hard work and commitment – as any business does. The only true path to success is to form or get a plan or blueprint and take the action needed to go from start to finish.

The slightest problem seems to not only blow most people off course but makes them give up altogether! The lack of plan means that there is no drive forward so any problem at all can derail them. So where does it all go so badly wrong?

We’re too easily mislead along a new path – We set off on one path hoping that this time we’ll find success only be distracted by the latest guru offer as soon as it lands in our mailbox. So we set off on that path with renewed hope and a reduced bank balance until we’re distracted again. It’s as if we take the wrong turn at every junction and then wonder why we always end up at the start again. It’s not the gurus fault that you fall for their latest offer, instead you should try deleting those emails until you have completed one task from start to finish.

We get information overload – then want more – Information overload is the insatiable hunger for more training and the latest product. We buy, we devour then we seem to forget all we’ve read and hunt for our next information meal.

We give up too easily – It appears to be human nature to give up at the first hurdle. Quite why we do this when trying to get into the online business when we’ll persevere in the real world has to be the stuff of some future psychological research. My theory is that deep down we don’t fully understand what we’re doing and why – this means we start thinking we will fail and so we give up and the first problem. That first problem is probably I’ve written one article and not had dozens of visitors, why not? If we had something to believe in that was fully explained then we would see it through and get to the success.

We don’t take action – There are those who plan and pontificate and never ever take action. Taking action is the single attribute that differentiates those that succeed from those that fail. If you aren’t prepared to invest the time and effort then you can’t succeed. They are destined to fall for scam after scam such as those wonderful lotteries that produce winners even though you haven’t entered them!

It isn’t your fault because everything you’ve been told about making money online is wrong! Stop being conned and scammed and take control of your own destiny.

The route to succes is actually surprisingly simple.

1. Choose a path or a product – I’m going to recommend a method below but if that doesn’t appeal then find something that does.

2. Read it through twice. The second time take notes of what steps you need to take and what else you need.

3. Create a detailed plan of what you need to do. The keyword is detailed – break this down further into a task list.

4. Spend any free moment you have in a day to tackle one of the tasks. By adopting this approach you’ll soon be crossing them off as they are completed.

5. Whenever you have some free time do a task.

6. Just keep going and then have a big push to finish the list.

7. Make sure you celebrate those landmarks such as the first sign up to an autoresponder and that first sale.

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