by Patrick G. Moore

The active “hypermilers” always come up with many creative solutions to increase gas mileage and save money on fuel but there are some of the solutions you should avoid. This is because some of the tips are very dangerous and not worth it just to save one or two cents. Always remember that safety comes first so no matter how important it is to save fuel and increase gas mileage, always consider safety first.

Hypermilling means techniques that can be used by drivers to maximize the fuel efficiency of their automobile. This is because fuel is being used more than normal rate when the driving skills and behaviors are wrong.

The tips that you should avoid are:

Drive through the stop signs. There is a theory that said you will use up more fuel if you always brake. However, when you are on the road, safety comes first. You are putting yourself at risk for car accidents not to mention getting caught as it is illegal when you drive through the stop signs.

Tailgating 18-wheelers or any other large trucks. This is the worst tip for hypermilling. We know that the 18-wheelers are way too big compared to cars. Why put yourself in danger by tailgating the large truck?

Shutting off your car while it’s still moving especially when it is moving downhill can save fuel but if there is an emergency, you are not able to accelerate or slow down which will increase the chance of accident. Imagine when you are going downhill and there is a car in front of you so you need to brake but then the brakes are not functioning.

Over inflate your tires will reduce the tire surface contact with the road. It means that less fuel is needed to move the vehicle. At the same time, you will lose the grip on road and if there is a need to brake, you might lose control. The best way is to inflate the tires to the maximum rated PSI but don’t exceed the limit.

Some people remove their side mirrors to save fuel. It seems to be another popular way to add another mile to a gallon of fuel. I just don’t understand about how effective it can be because side mirrors are very important in driving a car. You need to use the side mirrors to look at the cars from the side ways.

Check out the wind forecast before you drive is the most lame excuse for saving fuel. If you need to check the wind why not get yourself a sail boat. Seems better if you are want to save fuel on the boat.

Hypermilling is a great way to save fuel but consider the tips before doing it or you will wish that you never do any of it.

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