by Will Thompson

You may be asking at this point, what exactly is an eBay affiliate program? Actually, it is very simple. If anyone visits eBay, from clicking a link inside your website, you make commissions if they buy anything or sign up as a new member.

You can make 50 to 75% commissions on eBay’s total revenue from each sale made from a customer that has come from your site. You can also earn $25 to $35 commissions if that person was not previously an eBay customer and becomes active by bidding or buying something. To help you achieve this, eBay provides you with brief tutorials and some great tools built to help you set up your RSS feeds and/or your links to integrate into your site.

Be sure not to confuse your commissions with that of the total sale the customer makes. You will only earn a commission that is equal to usually about half of the profits eBay makes from the sale. Let’s say, for example, someone from your website goes to eBay, signs up and buys something. They bid on an item that is a hundred dollars and they win the auction. Ebay’s profit from the sale may be, let’s say, $10…then you would make a portion of that profit, around $5 or more, based on if you are earning 50% or 75% commissions.

As an estimate, you would make $7.50 commission (if it’s 75%) from the sale, $25 or $35 from the sign-up from the new member, for a total of $32.50 to $42.50 (just keep in mind these figures are ONLY examples, not to be taken as hard fact.) It almost seems unfair doesn’t it? Because you are doing nothing other than sending someone to the eBay site…you are not storing inventory, there is no shipping, no dropshipping, and no nasty customers or bad ratings. Everyone else does the hard work, and make a profit from it.

How do you increase your sales/earnings? Simple, this is what eBay suggests: Get more traffic to your website. To accomplish this, paid search traffic might be an option that you consider, however natural search engine traffic resulting from optimization can be a free way to do this.

Things to DO to increase natural traffic: 1. Create unique content! 2. Repeat relevant keywords throughout your pages 3. Refresh content regularly! Robots and users like new content 4. Use title tags – page titles; 6-10 words of relevant keywords found throughout the page 5. Use short named URL and file names to enable search engines to crawl your site 6. Utilize your error pages to redirect users that are “lost” 7. Increase the relevance of your links: use “Go to eBay!” instead of “Click here!” 8. Ask other relevant websites to point to your site 9. Submit your site to the engines: let search engines know about you! 10. Utilize competitive research to learn more about online marketing direct from the competition Don’t Do These Things: 1. Make use of frames: they are often too complex for crawlers to index 2. Use too many search-box navigation or drop down menus:crawlers are incapable of following them 3. Display hidden / invisible text: it is often looked at as “cheating” by search engines user referral Take advantage of eBay’s brand

Making money as an eBay affiliate takes very little effort. Aside from actually having a website, all you need to do is send traffic to eBay from your niche site. This can be done by more advanced marketers by building their own websites and inserting the RSS code from eBay’s fees from their editor kit tool. Or if you are a less experienced internet entrepreneur, or you just want to save time, you can find a program that will do all the hard work for you that is already optimized ready to go with code built in.

You will most likely see awesome results in a very short time frame. This is because you will have a website with constantly changing and updating unique content, that search engines are begging for, if you have done things correctly. You will be guiding people to products that are already proven converting to a website that is one of the most successful in the world.

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