A good friend and fantastic musician “Blue Lew Hogue”, just released this new music video which you need to check out.

Welcome to the world of “BluezGrasse” – a Roots to Rhythm and Funky Blues Sound incorporating a wide range of musical imagination. Each of it’s talented members bring their own individual styles together creating a truly different twist the their original music and traditional blues songs.

Blue Lew Hogue, playing lead guitar and blues harp, and using his gravelly voice to spin the stories in the songs, brings his Nashville Southern Blues Rock with him! Writing and co-writing the original tunes that the band performs, he was nominated for “Best Singer/Songwriter 2008” in the Beachcomber Music Awards. His captivating presence wraps the audience around the group’s entusiastic renditions, old and new!

Ted “Animal” Cobena, winner of the “Best Drummer 2008” in the Beachcomber Music Awards, lays down the Funkiest Swamp Beats around staying true to his Southern Louisiana background. “There’s no sitting down when Ted’s in town!” He is as incredibly intuitive percussionist knowing just what to play to make the music fly!

Matt Miller was classically trained as both Violinist and Pianist from a very early age but fell in love with “Southern Roots Music” and has performed at Bluegrass Festivals throughout the Southeast. Only 18, he has already garnered several awards, most recently “2008 Florida State Bluegrass Fiddle Champion” and as a member of “New Fangled Theory”, winner of “Best Alternative Band 2008” Beachcomber Music Awards. His Fiddle is the icing on the cake soaring from Bluegrass to Blues to Rock and Jazz. An absolute talent, he will amaze even the most discerning listener!

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