A Salad Nicoise is more commonly referred to as a Nicoise Salad with the Nicoise being pronounced as “ni-suaz”. This particular salad originates from the Nice region of France and consists of a number of different ingredients the details of which we provide below. However there are some restaurants which although offer a Salad Nicoise it is not what would be considered to be the classic version. Often they will include rice, potatoes, pasta, cheese or cooked vegetables into their recipe.

Salade nicoise
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What is really great about this salad recipe over some of the others you see is just how simple and easy it is to prepare and just how great it looks once all the ingredients have been combined together. The Nicoise Salad is full of flavor, color and texture that you do not always see in a salad and this is simply because of the variety of ingredients that are used to make it. Below we provide you with a list of the ingredients you will need to make this great tasting salad. Plus we also provide step by step instructions on how to prepare it.

The ingredients you will need in order to make a Salad Nicoise to serve four people are as follows:- 1. 10 large and ripe tomatoes 2. 1 clove of garlic 3. 1 large cucumber 4. 1 green and one red pepper 5. 6 spring onions 6. 12 anchovy fillets which are in olive oil 7. 125g of black olives 8. 4 eggs that have been hard boiled 9. 90ml of olive oil (extra virgin is best) 10. 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar 11. Juice of one lemon 12. Assorted salad leaves (cos, rocket etc) plus a small amount of fresh Basil. Now let us go through the steps you will need to take in order to make your Salad Nicoise.

Step 1 – You should take the tomatoes and cut them into six pieces each and then put this on a dish before sprinkling with a little salt. Doing this will help to remove some of the excess juices in the tomatoes which could cause the salad to become soggy and limp. Whilst you are preparing the tomatoes it is good idea to also get the eggs ready. In order to get good hard boiled eggs you should aim to leave them in the boiling water for around 5 minutes.read the rest…

Step 2 – You need to take the cucumber and cut it along the length and then scoop out as many of the seeds as you can with a spoon. Now you next need to cut the cucumber, which has not been peeled into slices, but you should not make them to thin. After slicing up the cucumber, you next need to then finely slice both the peppers along with the spring onions.

Step 3 – Now you need to take the garlic clove and remove the out skin and then cut it in half. Take the two halves of the garlic clove and rub them around the inside of the bowl or bowls into which the salad is going to be placed. Preferably use bowls which are made from wood as they are better able to hold the flavor and scent of the garlic.

Step 4 – Now you have prepared the bowl for serving the salad in you can start to place the ingredients into it. Firstly get the salad leaves which you have chosen (and which have been washed thoroughly) and lay these in the base of the bowl or bowls. Now on top of these you layer the tomatoes which have been previously cut in to sixths and allowed to drain. Then on top of these you place the hard boiled eggs which need to be cut into quarters. After the eggs you then add the sliced peppers, spring onions and cucumber before finally laying on top the anchovy fillets. Then finally you scatter the olives over the top.

Step 5 – The final step you need to take in order to make a great tasting Salad Nicoise is to prepare the dressing. So into a jug or jar place the olive oil, red wine vinegar and lemon juice and blend well together and also season it with a little freshly ground black pepper and salt. Once combined you just very gently drizzle this dressing over the top of the salad and before taking to the table to serve roughly tear up some of the basil leaves and scatter these over the top of it. Now take it to the table and enjoy.

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