Product DescriptionCould to return to the blue waters, white sands and the warm breezes of the Caribbean the shake out of a lonely widower His lingering grief? Meyerhoff Cooper WAS ready to try. That I hoped the wonderful memories and His deceased wife have shared while on eleven cruise ships Would renew His spirit. His journey barely a day old WAS historical When charted a different course Plans. Through a chance encounter of a beautiful, yet Strangely Familiar woman, That spirit WAS HAD tested in Ways I Never Thought Were possible. As the hours and days of the cruise unfolded, He Was Forced to draw upon resources Knew That I Would not fail him. Join “Coop” on board the cruise ship, Festival, as I have with Those ancient battles But still present, still evil and still destructive, seven deadly sins. Praise for The Seventh Deadly Cruise “Intrigue, mystery, romance, murder and life on the high seas counsel make this book a great read for anyone intrigued by the thought of cruising on… More>>

The Seventh Deadly Cruise