Product This collection of essays DescriptionIn, Which More Than forty years span of Sustainable scholarship, Irela explore the Varied Aspects of Negritude as a movement and as concept. I STI Provides an account of the historical origins and examine Sociological and Ideological background of the themes preoccupied That Have Ffrench-speaking black writers and Intellectuals in Their Confrontation With The Pressures Of A Difficult collective experience, in Both STI Objective Manifestations and Its Implications inward. The collection includes a rare essay on the structure of Aim? C?saire s poetic imagery in STI transmutation de esta experience. THROUGHOUT the collection, distinguished by the clarity of historical language, Irela Pays Attention to the Negritude debate over the years have generated and stress the centrality of These debates to the Emergence of a modern consciousness in the black world. F. Abiola N?gritude Irel s The Moment: Explorations in Francophone Af. . . More>>

The Negritude Moment: Explorations in Francophone African and Caribbean Literature and Thought