by Clare Eisenman

Today the risks of plastic surgery that goes wrong are very low. Cosmetic surgery procedures performed by certified surgeons have a very good safety record nowadays. Hundreds of thousands operations are done every year and the statistics are excellent. There are serious complications in less than 1 percent of all patients. Mortality rate is less than one in 57,000 cases.

There are still risks remaining which can’t be easily removed. Maybe the patient has a history of high or low blood pressure or other genetic diseases. Problems with the heart or the lungs can lead to complications. Cancer is a severe problem and still not curable in many cases. Obesity is a common problem that can lead to blood clots easily.

You need to inform your surgeon about all the details about your health condition. Are you suffering from general health diseases like diabetes or arthritis? What medications do you have to take frequently? Even a simple Aspirin taken frequently can cause problems and increase the risks.

Smoking can cause serious infection problems. If you don’t stop smoking weeks before the surgery then you are at high risk. But you shouldn’t smoke after your surgery as well because smoking reduces the blood circulation and increases recovery time.

You are the perfect candidate when you are not overweight, not smoking, not drinking and live a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t meet any of these criteria you may think about changing your lifestyle before having a plastic surgery.

No matter if you are the perfect candidate or not, there are always risks that can’t be removed and ignored. With thousands of surgeries done every day there can’t be everything perfect all time. A fat removal surgery or also called liposuction has become the most popular form of cosmetic surgery the last years. This surgery for example has a higher risk of high blood loss and infection than other surgeries.

Sometimes it is the anesthesia that can cause problems and the doctor may have to insert a tube. Blood loss is another big problem. There is always bleeding but excessive bleeding can lead to lower blood pressure during the surgery and to irregular heart beat and even heart attacks. After the surgery it could lead to another surgery.

Infections are another reason when a plastic surgery goes wrong. Smokers have a much higher risk of infections. Antibiotics must be taken several days after a surgery to avoid the serious complications of an infection.

The statistics seem to proof the fact that plastic surgery is very safe. It is indeed but never forget that it is not only the surgeon who can do things wrong but many of the risk factors are caused by you. Don’t risk the results of a great cosmetic surgery by working against yourself.

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