by Ray Lam

There are private jets and then there are private jets. The difference is the level of luxury that goes with these different types of private jets. The first type of private jet is nothing more than a smaller airplane that contains a few first class style seating. The convenience of these comes from using them whenever and however you want.

Enjoy a luxurious flight ? get some work done or just relax. Enjoy a glass of champagne. Nothing can compare with the experience of luxury private jets. There are no limits to just how much luxury you can experience with luxury private jets because they range from super mid sizes to heavy jets with massive interior spaces and the maximum in comfort. Enjoy a movie on the surround a sound system or enjoy your favorite CD on the stereo. You also have a fax and satellite phone available. You even get a private dressing room. It?s all about luxury!

Extravagance like this is great and if you spend a large amount of time in the air and do a number of international flights or if you have to fly from location to location without much of a break in between then having a sleeping chamber or a decent sized bathroom is definitely something that should be considered. Something else to consider is the seating if you are spending a lot of time flying from place to place than having comfortable seating that gives plenty of legroom and offers a decent sized workspace is something that is definitely going to be worth your while to consider.

Luxury private jets can be purchased, leased, or rented. You?ll have to decide what?s best for your company as all have pros and cons. What?s really important is the ?luxury? part. Whether you need a luxury jet for that all important board meeting in London, that romantic dinner in Paris, or a weekend getaway at the golf course for the executives there are plenty of luxury private jets available to get you there.

And the icing on the cake? A crew and staff with personal assistants, chefs an even a masseuse if that is what you so desire. With private jet interiors, the sky is the limit. With some of the clients’ involved in these high- priced jets, security is also a major concern. Security and privacy aren’t the only considerations. Companies outfitting supped-up planes have to satisfy the whims of clients who want air palaces, while at the same time watching the plane’s weight and abiding by strict government rules that dictate what a jet can safely contain.

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