Throughout the 1990’s Tony Perri produced and directed a very special event for Princess Cruises during Valentine’s Day week every year. Guest appearances by Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges and Gavin MacLeod. Thousands of married couples would converge on the Promenade Deck of a Princess Cruise ship and renew their wedding vows at one time breaking the world record for most people to renew their wedding vows at one time and in one place. After producing the TV news/entertainment story, Perri would then transmit the event via a gyro-satellite uplink system from the moving cruise ship to TV stations and networks around the world. During the week, TV morning show hosts and news anchors from across the country would “go live” from the Princess ship several times a day, every day of the cruise. Perri’s team consisted of approximately 30 crew members and more than 140 cases of TV broadcast equipment. Princess Cruises would see their Love Boat National Holiday Event on TV news, entertainment and travel shows around the world. Great publicity and public relations for Princess Cruises as well as for the TV shows that went “live” from the moving cruise ship as it steamed through the Caribbean or Mexican Riveria. See more broadcasts at: Serotonin Rising feature film: