VICTORIA — A Sunday morning blast rocked the lobby area of the five star Princess Resort, that now looks far different than the gloss pictures in a travel magazine. Mexican officials say the explosion was the result of a naturally occurring gas buildup underneath the resort built of swamp land. Something Athlone Travel president Liz Smith says could have happened anywhere. “People aren’t cancelling their trips. These things happen, it could have happened here but we haven’t had anyone cancel their trips and by all accounts everyone who has booked with us is still going. Even to that hotel. The main lobby will be closed but I expect them to stay open and up and running.” And while the images of debris and bodies were embedded in the minds of those returning to Canada; “Most horrible thing anyone could go through. I ran over there man. I saw people lying on the floor. It was bad. I saw people dying. There were hurt people. They were cut up with glass. It was bad.” The incident that killed five Canadian including a father and his nine year old son and two Mexicans, resorts are now running extensive safety inspections that will likely make them safer than ever now. Six Canadians were also injured, two critically. And while the event is tragic, local businessman Gordy Dodd says he’s not scared and will depart for Mexico next week. “We go every year. I think it’s safe and I’m not worried at all” Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon says Canadians should not avoid travelling to