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by Sara Mendez

A hypnotic state can be obtained by simply watching TV or driving. It can also be obtained other ways but they require practice, training and time. It is very difficult to produce this state without those things on command. However it is not impossible to achieve this once you learn how to properly do it. There are many products online which offer to teach you hypnosis, however you may find it best to try a few private sessions before committing to buy expensive online programs.

Learning about your body and reaction is critical to learning hypnosis. Each of us will react differently to the state and you should be prepared for what to expect. This is one reason why a private session is recommended first. Some people feel “tingly” or like they are floating while under hypnosis. The mind may feel numb or blank while you are under. Others might not feel these things what so ever. For first timers who have not been hypnotized, you might be unsure of what you are supposed to feel which can be intimidating.

Private sessions will help you understand how your mind works through personal issues. Sometimes while under you might uncover and issue you didn’t know you had. It might be happy or traumatic and you may not know how you will react to this. Not everyone reacts or has the same experiences. Some people may relive a tragic event in their past while having a one on one session. This can be unnerving if it happens at home and you are alone. If you have a one on one session, the hypnotist is able to help you work through the issue instead of dealing with it yourself.

Ultimately we all want the same thing, progress. A professional will provide a plan and a tracking method so you can see if the hypnosis is working or not working. The hypnotist can formulate a program and talk with you about your progress and if need be, change the plan. If you uncover something new you want to work on, your hypnotist can work that into your plan as well. Progressing in treatment is important, if you are not seeing progress, it becomes more difficult to stay with the program.

By using both online products and individual session you can increase your progress. The CD’s DVD’s can help you learn to put yourself in a hypnotic state quickly while you are at home. This will make it easier once you start your individual session. You will also understand how it feels to be hypnotized and how your mind reacts. Once you are at your one on one session you will not be nervous about being put under making the session more useful. For the time between sessions the CD’s help clients to continue practicing and help them to maintain their progress.

Some might feel the private sessions are a waste of time and money since there are products online. While it may be true, online products are cheaper, however private sessions are invaluable for advancement and achieving results quickly. Private sessions are tailor made for each your individual progress and personality.

Try it out you have nothing to lose. Talk with your hypnotist about the CD’s or DVD’s you found online. Try a private session and see how you feel afterwards. There are many different ways of being hypnotized and the best way all depends on you. So do your research but think about the importance of a personalized session before making the decision to not try it at all. The choice is yours, but don’t short yourself.

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