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by Ray Lam

Deadlifts. This is one of the best exercises to blast your metabolism off the roof. This multi joint movement exercises will use many muscle fibers from your legs to your abs to your shoulders and arms, causing a traumatic effect for the entire body to work together.

Clean and Press. This too has similar effects like Deadlifts, but it is much more advanced and uses the momentum of your body to move the weight. With this momentum exercise, you will be able to hear your heart pounding real hard. This really is an excellent exercise to get rid of love handles.

Sandbag kickboxing. Of course you will have to consider it at a very advanced stage because sandbag kickboxing is not only a strength workout, but it is a high intense cardio workout at the same time. With every controlled kick and punch to the sandbag, you make use of a larger distance in your movements and also make the most use of momentum.

Abs workout exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts also help to strengthen and tone up your abdominal muscles, helping to get rid of your love handles in the process.

An individual really must maintain a healthy balance between the amount of food and the calories burned each day. Every pound of muscle that you add, your body will burn up fifty to one hundred more calories per day. By adding 10 pounds of lean muscle, you will be eliminating five hundred to one thousand more calories per day from your overall calorie intake. For many people this will be omitting your daily intake of junk food.

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