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Upon the discovery of the Niagara Falls, there has been a close relationship between the surrounding area and the effects of humans. With this close interaction and awe in what nature has created, many interesting facts have emerged that will nicely supplement a visit to the area.

A “free” type of energy is harnessed from the Niagara Falls that most are unaware of. The powerful waters in the river are taken advantage of, as they move turbines that can power electricity to the surrounding neighborhood. The electricity is obtained via a clean method, meaning there are no harmful products of obtaining the energy unlike other methods of creating energy.

Just like any other natural phenomenon, the Niagara Falls has attracted a lot of attention from the thrill seekers of the world. Old attempts at gaining thrill would include going over the falls in something as primitive as a barrel. Others have even reportedly survived a direct fall from the falls, although severe injuries were concluded upon rescue. More safe stunts have been recorded, but it should be noted all are illegal.

Because of the popularity in tourism of the area, businesses have tried to out perform the competition in who can provide a better service to the community. Hotels are an example, with many hotels making enormous sky towers that give excellent views of the Niagara Falls. This has impacted the winds of the Niagara Falls, and now the mist resulting from the waterfalls has been shifted in a different direction.

One of the neat things about winter is that every year the Niagara Falls start to freeze over. The Niagara Falls never completely freeze over in most cases, but this has been documented to happen nonetheless. Huge sheets of ice build up that are considered safe to walk over, but due to dangers of the ice breaking up in warmer seasons, this is strictly prohibited. Much like the daredevils, fines or even arrests may be made for violators.

Despite all that has happened to the Niagara Falls, it seems like the waterfalls are here to stay. Even natural forces such as erosion have been circumvented to ensure the rivers stay the same as they are today. Whereas erosion would usually make the waterfalls less impressive, constructive work was done to make the riverbeds strong and more resistant to water currents.

In Conclusion

When traveling, one of the “sure hits” is the Niagara Falls. This is especially true since the area can be browsed absolutely free and without charge, making for an impressive and cheap photograph opportunity. And if money permits, obtaining a suite in the high rise hotels is also quite possible.

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