Product DescriptionThis escapist tale breeze tells the misadventures of a colorful group of academics who leave their landlocked lives (and women) for a week at all? You and go sailing. Author Tom Watkins recounts v? Avidly an d? Each of these annual releases, like the fish acad? Monkeys adventure, diving, drinking and so? Ar together, all the time to reach a better comprehension? N s? themselves and between s?. Their travels take them to places as ex? Ticos and Islands V? Margins, Guadeloupe and the Grenadines, and the way they meet a colorful cast of characters salt series, including the famous explorer and author John Caldwell and Undine, German director ? n cheerful tropical restaurant hidden in the vegetation? n exuberant. Overflowing with rum, cigars and tokens of p? Quer, this is a fun and revealing look into the secret lives of men. . . . M? S>>

Four Guys In A Boat: A Decade of Rum, Cigars, Poker and Lies