by Patrick Spielmann

Do you have any idea on how much money people are spending on advertisements promising to make you rich? It is in the millions of dollars. Most of these proclaimed gurus have a failure rate that would scare your hair straight. They promise you the world and riches. Then why such a large failure rate. It is due to their lack of training and support systems. In addition it requires work. Sorry there it is…..You must be willing to work to achieve more. Get a mentor and start building financial freedom now.

Choose your mentor wisely as they will more than likely determine your success. We are all in need of training and being taught. The only difference is what level of training we each need. Your mentor should be continually engaged in finding new technology, new methods and new ideas to maximize your success. This means that they must go outside their current organization and learn from the highly successful. If the system you are looking at is not evolving in nature……..RUN A WAY.

Stay clear of the anyone who tells you that they or their system does everything for you. If they tell you this, then ask them what their success rate is. What percent of the people that join your team succeed and by succeeding you mean they make how much per month? Be ready for the person on the phone to start stuttering and try to evade the question.

How does their training system stack up? Is it evolving? Chances are…No! Is it a formal training system that requires participation? Chances are….No Does it teach the latest tactics and techniques to be successful? Chances are..No Is the training system multi-dynamic and give solid videos to show how? Chances are…No This is an area that you must investigate and be comfortable that they have a good training program to maximize you chances for success. Try helping others achieve their dreams and you can become rich through other people.

I learned something about 4 years ago that changed my life forever. Here it is: We are all in our situations because we choose to keep ourselves in that position. After I learned this and decided to change my situation, my wealth exploded. Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from achieving a life filled with family and friends. This is much different than working for someone else and having no time for family and friends. The choice is yours…..What will you accept?

The wealthy understand that private education will set their children apart from the masses. They understand that this education is critical to their children’s success in the ever changing world. Global competition requires top education and shifts are occurring across the globe. If you do not act quickly to insure your children’s education, it may be too late. Do you really want to look back and say “I wish I could have or would have been able to offer my children a better education”? The time for action is now.

If you were financially independent, you would you still live in the same neighborhood, have the same dentist, same doctor, same house…. I think the answer for most is NO. You would live differently. You would help more people, spend more time doing what you loved rather than building a stressful life.

Let there be no doubt that each and every person on this planet was borne with greatness inside of them. Throughout life some people have completely abandoned this greatness and settled for mediocrity. You have greatness within but you need to feed it. It requires effort, action and passion. Put these 3 things together and watch out. Are you going to achieve greatness?

Don’t be afraid of success. Embrace the opportunities and stay true to you who you are. We all have obstacles we face in life. Some people take action and go through these obstacles while some people stop and settle. The human sole works best when it is challenged and has focus in life. Develop your focus and see what you can achieve in your life. If you really want to achieve wealth, then help others achieve their dreams and you can become rich through other people.

How to break out of your rut: Develop a time budget. Where are you currently spending your time and where can you find additional time to commit to reach financial freedom. Develop a monetary budget. Cut out all unnecessary spending and pay off debt. Find a mentor that will teach you how to earn more money. Get a financial planner to assist you in your planning and implementation. Move your income from income earned from being an employee to income earned from your business. Get an accountant to help you here for additional tax deductions. Help others achieve the same results.

So take action immediately and find a mentor that will teach you all you need to know, will assist you in reaching your financial goals, will assist you in training you how to help others and will give you the best chance of success.

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