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Equifax is one of the famed “big three” credit reporting bureaus and they provide consumers with access to a large amount of credit information. Though they do offer other services, their primary product is the Equifax credit report, which fills consumers in on their FICO credit score, as well as all of the other information that prospective lenders and employers have access to.

When most customers choose to get a credit report, they choose the Equifax report because of the clarity and simplicity that it provides in comparison to the other credit reporting agencies.

What is included in my report of my credit history?

You are purchasing information and a little extra when you buy a credit report from Equifax. The website will provide you with instant access to your credit report and FICO score, which is one of the most significant features. Therefore there will be no need for you to wait for the report to arrive by mail before knowing information available to your creditors.

You will be able to see whether or not you have a good payment pattern, if you have excessive inquires, and any other paying habits that you might not be aware of. This will give you all of the information that you need in case you have to contact the creditor in charge of one of your former accounts.

Also, the credit report from Equifax will explain what you need to learn from the credit report. Sometimes the information contained in the report can be hard for you to understand.

Equifax makes sure that you know exactly what is going on with your bankruptcy score or anything else in the report. Not only will you have the information, but you will have a clear explanation of what each part of your report means and how it impacts your credit score.

To make it easier for consumers to understand their credit score, Equifax has something called “Interactive Score Simulator” which adds to its popularity. This tool will help you get a clearer understanding of how your credit score is affected by individual actions. Then you can begin to plan how to restore your credit.

To start rebuilding your credit, you may need to use a high interest or secured credit card. The Equifax Credit Report will assist you on this in any event.

ScorePower is the name of the main Equifax credit report found on the website. By purchasing this basic package you will have access to all that you will need. You will see that there are other packages available on the site, as well.

You will be asked if you would like to sign up for additional services when you sign up for the $15.95 ScorePower report. Since you have access to your credit report, you can monitor it and more than likely you aren’t going to need the other products offered. When you obtain your Equifax Credit Report online, you will be glad to know that you can take advantage of superb customer service and have the ability to easily dispute any part of the report that is incorrect.

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