Product DescriptionProblems are a character? Acoustic ubiquitous of any business plan or business and the function is main administrator is to ensure that these obst? Asses are resolved in an orderly manner and without pain. Unfortunately, in real life, most? To the solutions developed and implemented, are sub-? Optimal and result in the underlying problem lurking, only surface again m? S later. est business history? full of cases where the solution? No elected to a problem, as the saying goes? No, “Close but no cigar! In this book, Ian Woodrow offers an approach? unique to solve business problems – and life – the problems, and explain why? these pr? Internships are so ubiquitous c? mo you can avoid common mistakes. through the application? n of its methodology? a six steps contained in the PURE mnemot? simple technique, you learn? TO ? Avoid the pitfalls of the emotional perspective? distinguish clearly the problems of ra? z of the s? symptoms? Develop innovative solutions to problems? Indeed evaluate alternatives m? s beneficial? Guarantee?… M? s> >

Close, but no Cigar: Six easy steps to solving business problems