by Alia Jae

If you are looking for a down to earth way to get out of debt than you might want too consider going with the Debt Shield Program. The Debt Shield Program works with families on a one on one basis.

They will look at all your unsecured debt and then figure out how much they are able to reduce your debt. There are some cases where they can reduce your debt up to 60%!

The reason why they are able to help reduce your debt is that the creditors would rather lose some money than have you file for bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy they don’t get a dime and so working with a debt reduction company works in your favor as well as the creditors favor.

You can go on their website and sign up for a free consultation and usually if you do this during regular business hours someone will call you that very same day. There is no pressure whatsoever, if you go with them great if not that is ok too.

If you decide to go with them they will handle ALL of your debt accounts. They gather all the information on each account and even check up on your credit report. They take all this information and call you creditors to take of business.

Sometimes creditors will lower your interest rate, remove all late fees or flat out reduce the overall amount you owe.

The Debt Sheild Program is not a loan consolidation company. Many people will assume that they give out loans to consolidate, but they don’t. They don’t do credit repair or credit counseling.

If you are in $10,000.00 of unsecured you qualify to be apart of this program. If you are falling behind in your payments this is a program to help you get out of this trap.

If you have been pressured into thinking you must file for bankruptcy, don’t do it. Allow the Debt Sheild Program to help you get out of your present financial struggle.

If you want more information just head over to their website and they will get back to you ASAP.

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