I am African American, but recently (last 6-7 years) people have asked me if I’m from the Caribbean or Africa. I am the color of Gabrielle Union and there is nothing special about my hair (i get a perm like every other black woman). My mom thinks it’s because of my facial features, but I see a difference in the characteristics of black Americans and blacks from other countries! I know that African Americans are people from Africa, but black does not fully describe who I am Neither do I. . . can be black and be Cubans, Canadians, Jamaicans, etc. So to clarify, I use the term African-American (sorry for having the pride of being American!.). I know that every black woman does not receive permanent. . . I myself used to be natural. . . so I said “like any other black woman.” . . Just wanted to know if any special look or the way that separates me from my family and friends, and I’ve never done this question before!

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