You must have an FM3. To apply for the FM3, you must have the following (before a notary or the originals, not copies accepted): 1. Birth certificates of your self and dependents who will be with you Mexico.2. Matrimonio.3 Certificate. High School transcript and proof of graduación.4. College transcripts and proof of graduación.5. Two letters of recommendation from supervisors that there were at least a year.6. A letter from your city of residence and county of residence from the police chief and county sheriff, the state has no outstanding warrants and that you are a citizen of good reputación.7. You should write a letter about yourself clearly indicating why there is a Mexican citizen has their skills and why these skills are important for México.Todo above must be translated into Spanish and certified as legal translations and notarized signature. Then there are the hours that must pass with a Mexican lawyer, be photographed and their fingerprints digitales.Así that, why not demand that immigrants here in the U.S.? Oh yeah, I forgot. They may have to read and write and communicate in English, but then again, no cc required English, due to fan the racist policies of the Government of Mexico, which encourages illegal immigration Mxican.Buena response, Bill. Exactly who would want to live around the open sewers that flow and the water that makes your children sick? The problem is that the illegals want to bring all that crap here, so feel at home.

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