Product Description Timely and enriched data-driven monograph by the authentic voice of STI Mexican American subjects, Violence and Hope Reveals sociopolitical strife Between the power and borders of two nations. It is a potent story of Inequality of Opportunity, immigration, drug and Human Trafficking, Gangs, Prostitution, poverty, crime, and Family Violence in “Hope,” U. S. town 45 miles from Mexico. Glittenberg tells how Members of a community in Need of transformation, riddled with drive-by shootings and Competing gangs, enraged by a violent Become event and Mobilize to Confront the wide-reaching issues They face. Esperanzans, In Their growing awareness not only eat Violence That from the outside But Also the inside, seek courage and Financial Resources to escape from cultural Their pattern of silence, Complicity, and complacency. . . . More>>

Violence and Hope in a U.S. Mexico Border Town