Product DescriptionCarl and Evelyn Ernst Have Completely revised Their Venomous Reptiles of reference landmark North America to present The Most Comprehensive review of These animals in years. Volume One of This definitive work presents species accounts Dramatically improved version of the venomous lizards and snakes elap and viper found north of Mexico’s twenty-fifth parallel. Volume Two Will cover the twenty-one rattlesnakes found in the United States, Canada, and, for the first time, species found only in northern Mexico. Ernst and Ernst Have painstakingly verified the Research and Highly Detailed and valuable information in this volume, Including Every detail of the lives of These fascinating and deadly Sometimes animals. Venomous Reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico Provides facts on Each animal’s diet, reproductive Behavior, physiology, ecology, and conservation status. The book covers details on snakebite Also, how is Delivered venom, venom components. . . More>>

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