DescriptionHearts product, flowers, and fans – butterflies, boats and rabbits – all is possible with the toilet paper? Unique! With little effort, a roll of toilet paper? Unique can be transformed into an ideal of coordination? N with designs charming, elegant and whimsical this collection n. Toilet paper? Unique Origami is ideal for hotels, Bed & Breakfast, cruises, and creative housewives. Toilet paper? Unique Origami is fun for artisans of all ages. Illustrated with m? S of 300 photographs? As, step by step, teach? To 29 folds f ar? Easy but showy ornaments and style at the end of a roll of toilet paper? Mail. Discover the f? Easy it can be to make a decoration? N memorable one bathroom, or essential. . . . M? S>>

Toilet Paper Origami: Delight your Guests with Fancy Folds & Simple Surface Embellishments or Easy Origami for Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Cruise Ships & Creative Housekeepers