Product Description As a young Anthropologist Sidney Mintz undertook fieldwork in Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. Fifty years later, the eminent scholar of the Caribbean returns to Those Experiences to meditate on the Societies and on the island People Who befriended him. These reflections illuminate Continuities and Difference Between These cultures, But They exemplify even more people to the power of history reveal Their Own. Mintz Seeks to conjoin His Knowledge of the history of Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico? A dynamic past born of a confluence of peoples of a sort That Has Happened only A Few times in human history? With The Ways That I Heard About People Speak Themselves and Their Lives. Mintz Argues That in Jamaica and Haiti, representing Tremendous creolization by enslaved peoples creative act: that WAS not a passive creolization mixing of cultures, an effort to create But new hybrid cultural meanings Institutions and Those That HAD to replace Been dem. . . More>>

Three Ancient Colonies: Caribbean Themes and Variations