Product DescriptionThis book examines the debate on the effects of industrialization? Ny paid employment in inequality g? Nero, seg? N the author’s studies of women industrial workers in Puerto Rico, Rep? Dominican Republic and Cuba. Safa focuses on three? Fields of the life of these women: the wages and working conditions, family life cycle, and the composition? N the home, and consciousness pol? Tica and the participation? No trade unions , pol parties? ticos and other mass organizations. She finds that working women have been more? S effective challenge their subordinaci? N at home than they have been in the workplace and in relationship? Na pol parties? Appliances or the state. This finding Challenge? To the theory ‘? As feminists locate the sources of gender inequality? Only in the family, suggesting that the myth of a male breadwinner? N prevails in the workplace and in the pol? State tica . . . . M? S>>

The Myth Of The Male Breadwinner: Women And Industrialization In The Caribbean