Product DescriptionDinah Galloway, diva in the making, greedy and enthusiastic amateur detective, est? back. This time has been the high seas with a concert in the salt? N an Alaskan cruise ship determined. Tambi? N est? Na aboard his mother and older sister Madge, a grumpy professor of First Nations art, an elderly woman with intent rom? Init.d to a man? Nm? S old, a thief n of applicants with currant-colored eyes, and a Gas Masks native price seems to be attracting too much attention? n. Tambi? N on the ship is Talbot San Juan, gal? No class, with whom Dina has an ongoing dispute. The Gas Masks est? en route to a museum to be returned to their ancestral home, but is stolen just before delivery. When Dina is introduced into a glacial lake, the mystery is m? S dangerous and pool m? S deep suspects. As Dina entertains passengers and eats his way to the northwest coast, a number of possible suspects emerge. . . . M? S>>

The Mask On The Cruise Ship

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