Product DescriptionTranslated by Fray Angelico Chavez, Ted J. Edited by Warner Western History The chronicle of Fray Francisco Atanasio Dom? Nguez and Fray Silvestre V? Lez de Escalante? S most remarkable 1776 expedition Through the Rocky Mountains, the eastern Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau to inventory new lands for the Spanish crown and to find a route from Santa Fe to Monterey, California. Escalante? S journal wonderfully describe Every detail of the rugged and scenic country-through Which They journey, Along the Qualities and customs of STI Inhabitants. Working as far north as present-day Provo, Utah, the expedition finally Returned south. An Approaching severe winter and Mishaps Among the maze of the Grand Canyon Forced to return to the party by way of Santa Fe the Hopi villages. Provides a fascinating journal This account of over a thousand miles of wilderness exploration. . . . More>>

The Dominguez Escalante Journal: Their Expedition Through Colorado Utah Azrizona and New Mexico in 1776