This big boy “The Dominator”(aptly named by our tour guide morgan from adelaide river cruises)is the bully of brutus and will no doubt kill the old brutus soon 🙁 For territory Hes 6m+ and Ferocious as hell! Enormous Saltwater crocodile’s like this really need to be seen up close on a tour like this ! Dont flame the vid plz,the crocs get fed 8 bits of large good quality meat 4 times a day 1 hunk of meat each side of the boat(so you get great even pics)so 8 Feedings in all..Jumping is good exercise and burns off there lactic acid,a fat croc is a dead croc .Enjoy! The tour i went on is from these great guys(link below) ! They kick ass and are not corporate douches,as other tours the crocs get fed 3 meters away from you…Not these guys the crocs are 40 cm away from you!….Yes you are safe!

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