Product of collaboration? N Edith Wharton DescriptionIn restoration, use, Rizzoli is proud to participate in a rare literary event-the publication? N of a recently discovered manuscript by Edith Wharton, one of the greatest writers in the United States. It was the winter of 1888. Edith Wharton, have? To 26 few years and hab? A married three years now. She trusted? a friend of Newport and his cousin-in-law, James Van Alen, that there was not anything she quer? am? s that on a cruise in the Mediterranean? neo. Van Alen arrangements for the rental of a yacht called Vanadis, and Edith and her husband embarked on? the ride of your life. During the cruise elegant Wharton recorded their reactions to each location along the route. Afterwards, put the manuscript aside and started? to work on his first novel. The manuscript was intact and undiscovered for pr? Ximos to one hundred years or so. Annotated photographs? As timeless and commentary by award-winning photon graph Jonas Dovydenas, who faithfully came back? Wharton on the route, y. . . M? S>>

The Cruise of The Vanadis