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Description? No product or equipment? You all Hispanics f? Woodburn High soccer has reached the playoffs for nineteen consecutive years. As they prepare to do twenty years, the boys est? N determined that this be? the season to beat the rich suburban schools around and finally winning the Oregon state championship. Esp your unit? Spirit gives a sensation? N rare of hope and unity to a community agr-tail blue collar has been transformed by waves of immigrants in? Latest d? Decades, the population? N local town called Little M? Mexico. ” In 2005, Woodburn High Bulldogs, also? N known as Dogs, begin? season with eight undocumented students, three or years you speak almost nothing Engl? s, a midfielder prepared to play a Mexican team of golf, a janitor living in foster care, third, and a black head coach of Irish descent desperate to bring all of them for? success. Guarded by a transplant from south Texas, a surrogate parent for half the workforce, this band of brothers must learn to come together in the field A. . . M? S>>

The Boys from Little Mexico: A Season Chasing the American Dream

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