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by Keira Adams

Managing your stress is vital to your health if you want to lessen the heartburn symptoms you endure on a daily basis. Although there isn’t a scientific connection between heartburn and stress, there’s lots of evidence for an indirect link.

Stress makes us overeat, particularly foods that aren’t very nutritious, sleep poorly and give in to unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. These behaviors will all add to your grief if they lead to heartburn.

If chronic heartburn is a problem for you, you need to take a close look at the stressors in your life so you can get rid of them. Are some of your relationships the problem? Your job? Too many entries in your daily calendar, or not enough money in the bank? Any of these can add to the stress in your life and result in heartburn if the pressure causes you to make bad lifestyle decisions.

As you start to realize the situations that are causing your discomfort, you are in a better position to prevent chronic heartburn by easing your stress levels. Could you go into counseling, or even just steal some time away to unwind and appreciate life?

Sometimes you can alleviate stress, and ultimately heartburn, by improving your life in different areas. Make time for exercise every day if you aren’t already. You might also lose some weight, which is another major contributor to heartburn.

If you just need to unwind and relax, try meditation or massage. Even though they might not directly ease your heartburn, they can slow the pace of your life and let you unwind and enjoy a lifestyle that will reduce the frequency of heartburn attacks.

Perhaps setting aside time each day to listen to your favorite music will help to relax you and still your mind. This kind of relaxation is helpful in stopping your cravings for food, alcohol or cigarettes. These habits can all lead to a bad case of heartburn.

You might like to exchange your bad habits with a more positive activity, such as laughter. Improve your mood and lose stress by finding things that humor you and help you let go of life’s troubles.

Seek out methods of reducing stress and preventing heartburn symptoms that won’t put you in financial jeopardy. You want to avoid adding financial problems to your misery, and there are lots of cheap ways to manage your heartburn and enjoy your life.

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