by Don Shults

Niche websites feature products, services or information on any particular topic or subject that has not been fully explored. Niche marketing is growing, more and more businesses are stepping out considering this type of marketing. It’s a a simple process for many businesses, small or large, to get ahead of the game. Niche websites are hot these days and but many of you may be wondering how to find your own niche. You can take full advantage of niche markets by customizing a specific product for them and at the same time offering alternatives by adding affiliate product feeds for maximum advantage. Another advantage is that Niche Websites get alot of search engine attention.

Search engines are the main traffic source for niche websites today. Search engines love original content too because it makes them look great with their customers. Think about it: when you use a search engine to search for something, you don’t want to see a bunch of ads show up in the search results, right?

When I think about what brings me back to a Web site, it has to be updated content. Search Engine technology is looking for the very same thing. Use file names and URL’s that are not overly lengthy, which will let search engines crawl your site more frequently. Search engines place great importance on these links because they are basically one website vouching for the validity of another website. The perfect situation for an inbound link is from a website which complements the original website without being in direct competition.

Search Engine traffic is free. You can certainly can pay for advertising in a number of different ways, but getting your site to rank well in the search engine will save you alot of money.

Starting Your Site is Easy

I recommend you start with a blog. Using a blog allows you to personalize your business and allows your customer to interact with you in ways they may not of been able to before. If you start with just 3-5 pages you can get your site up and running is just a couple of days. You should add more pages to your site on a regular basis.

Your blog can attract new content that is created by readers. This new content comes from comments posted to your articles. It’s also possible that some of your readers might want to post articles that they have written. It a good way to change up the flavor of your blog.

Promoting your Site

Promoting your website to your target market requires you find the on-line forums and blogs where they hang out today. You should be doing your own searches to find these places and make sure you are posting links or making forum posts that include your website information as part of the signature. Provide great feed back to these sites and it will pay you rewards in the form of traffic.

Making your Site a Profit Center

Google Adsense Network provides a simple way of making money on-line even for a small niche website owner. There are many ways to make money on-line. Google uses the link text of a site’s inbound links, and uses it to determine how that site ranks for a specific keyword.

Google Adsense allows us to profit with the simple click of our visitor’s mouse. Depending on your skill set, building a website for Google Adsense could to be either a pleasure or a royal pain. Google has some magical way of determining what the content is on your website and will show relevant ads.

Building a Niche Web Site is a great way to create some passive monthly income. The cost to get started are very low. There are a number of great resources on the Web to help you with getting started.

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