Product DescriptionWith millions of well-pampered guests enjoyed the upper Who Have Provided hospitality aboard Royal Caribbean International ships, You Could say the cruise line knows what it Takes to be the perfect host. Now STI Master Chef and guru of entertaining, Rudi Sodamin, is Providing historical time-tested secrets for planning, Preparing, and Presenting the perfect holiday fare and Creating a celebratory atmosphere. Chef Sodamin’s talent, culinary mastery, and energy are Evident THROUGHOUT this lively volume. You Will Be Inspired By His passion for entertaining family and friends – and the ships’ guests. The Royal Caribbean International Holiday & Entertainment Cookbook Provides Detailed delectable menus for holiday and special-occasion meals. In Addition, There Are A Wealth of imaginative tips to create the perfect ambiance, With place setting, centerpiece, decorating, and lighting ideas, tailored to Each celebration. The colorful and gorgeous food photography,. . . More>>

Royal Caribbean Holiday Entertaining

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