• # of species 635+ distinct species from 101 families, fully described.
  • Photographs Nearly 2500 photographs. Each plate is 640×480 in 24-bit colour. Many species include photos of unusual phases or distinguishing characteristics.
  • Video clips Nearly 1000 carefully selected video clips illustrating important aspects of fish behaviour. That’s 150 times as much as our competition! Videos can be resized to full-screen.
  • Drawings Detailed, annotated drawings accompany every description.
  • Audio Professionally-recorded pronunciations for every scientific name (families and species).

Product DescriptionReef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas – Interactive DVD Edition is the most complete scientific reference of its kind – the product of more than 12 years of scientific research, photographic expeditions, and collaboration with academic experts. Whether you’re a startup looking Synonyms a learning tool or an ichthyologist in search of a precise reference, this electronic field guide is for you. At the core of the Interactive Edition is a database of 842 unique species that inhabit the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and adjacent waters. Each species is described in meticulous detail and is accompanied by a giant library of visual material: 4500 photo. . . More>>

Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas – Interactive DVD Edition

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