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How would your life change if you could make in a month what you now make in annual income? No this is not another get rich quick article, as they are a dime a dozen. You have seen them everywhere, you know the ones, the person that used to lay carpet or was unemployed or drove a broken down car and now 2-3 years later they are rich and willing to show you how to do it.

A Mentor that was flat broke 2-3 years ago and now is a millionaire is flash in the pan. I admire their success as it took courage but most of those organizations average 85% or higher failure rate and that is nothing to attach your hopes and dreams to. If you really want to reach Financial Freedom, then make up your mind and take action. Take out your list of Home Based Businesses and compare them to what is laid out in this article.

Do you want the cold honest TRUTH? Yes you can achieve Financial Independence, but it does not happen overnight and it requires WORK. The cost of doing nothing is far more severe than working to better your family’s situation. For those that say they will do everything for you and you have to do nothing, I say good luck with that system. Again I would ask them, What is their failure rate?

You see if you are going to commit the time and effort to change your life, you better pick someone that knows cutting edge technology and is willing to share it with you; is being mentored by multi-millionaires so they will teach you these techniques (your mentor should be spending in excess of 25K a year to have access to these highly sought after profession); Your mentor should have contacts in the Global Market and can outsource work in these markets; and last but not least this person must know how to take an idea and make it a reality. Without these items, you chances for success are against you.

Most people will run out of money before the learn how to be successful with the program they joined. This is a critical flaw that no one is addressing. Instead they should be teaching people how to set up a budget. Really look at their finances and learn money control. Why is no one talking about this? This is critical to anyone who is going to reach True Financial Freedom. It is because they are satisfied with a 85% failure rate. Why is it that they do not develop or find software and systems that will assist people in tracking their Journey to Financial Freedom? Only they can answer this question. We have it figured out why haven’t they?

Will you put yourself on a budget, get rid of wasting money, come up with a plan on increasing your income and find a mentor? No, sorry then you will not be reaching True Financial Freedom. There you have it, cut and dry. No gimmics, lectures or debate. You see it does take effort, it does take work and it does take a mentor to assist you in creating your Wealth Building Machine. Don’t believe these people that tell you that you can be lazy and become rich. You can be lazy and become rich if you want to be a scam artist. Pure and Simple that is what they are. I know one person on the internet is making around $ 145K per month, but I also know that he has over 70,000 sales letters on the internet. Now he is making tons of money but I will be you that his failure rate is through the roof. Do not fall for these gimmicks.

In case you missed the last 10 years, if you are going to succeed then you need to be Global. You need to be tied to a mentor that understands how to build relationships across countries, develop contracts, maximize strategic partnerships and most importantly develop solution based partnerships to succeed. This means that your mentor should have business contacts in multiple countries and be able to leverage those contacts for the entire team. If your mentor cannot do this then what good are they? You must have a great mentor to build your Global Wealth Building Machine. Everyone is playing in the US sandbox and it is crowded. The experience and the well funded will be formidable opponents, you better know what you are doing to succeed. Only 1% of the mentors out there qualify in this arena. Make sure you do your home work.

To learn how you can put a winning system place and continue to evolve as the game evolves you need to commit to learning and participating in a true master mind group. You need to stop listening to the people that say it can’t be done. You see I am living proof that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind too. I was told at every step that this can’t be done or that can’t be done but I always proved them wrong. You can too. Make a decision to feed your greatness and all will be good!

Get ready to focus your efforts on your business when you have found one and joined. The faster you make money the faster your belief level will spike, your motivation to achieve more will go up and your time on accomplishing more will be higher also. This is the main reason for a True Global Mentor. They will cut your learning curve down and assist you in making money faster. Now is the time for your Journey to Financial Freedom.

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