PlusPolice ‘Torture’ Videos Cause Uproar in MexicoPolice ‘Torture’ Videos Cause Uproar in MexicoThe Associated PressVideos showing Leon police practicing torture techniques on a fellow officer and dragging another through vomit at the instruction of a US adviser created an uproar in Mexico, which has struggled to eliminate torture in law enforcement. (July 1)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:Dateline: NATS up instructor ‘C’mon!’]It’s this video … showing an American instructing Mexican police on torture techniques … that’s causing national uproar. Two of the videos were broadcast on TV and also showed up on newspaper websites.In them … Mexican police say they’re simply training an elite unit on how to deal with kidnapping and high-stress situations by organized crime groups.But many Mexicans saw a sinister side… The headline for this newspaper reads: ‘They are teaching police … to torture!’ The videos appear at a time when police and soldiers across the country are struggling with scandals over alleged abuses.Mexican police say that they and the military have to train officers how to withstand very violent drug gangs.And that’s in part why President Bush recently signed 400-million-dollars of drug-war aid for Mexico into law.But the law does **not** require the US to independently verify that the military has cleaned up the way it operates… As many American lawmakers and Mexican human rights groups had hoped it would. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****)

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