The bride’s words to Christ declaring the great mercy that he had shown her. Christ’s words to the bride confirming his same sweet mercy toward her. And about how he chose her as a vessel to be filled with wine in order to give God’s servants through her wine to drink. Also, the bride’s thankful and humble answer to Christ. BOOK 4Chapter 77 SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE PART II However, I, the most powerful being of all, have compassion on their great misery and anguish. I acted like a rich and loving king who sent expensive wine to his intimate servants, saying: ‘Give this wine to many others besides yourselves to drink, for it is very healthful. It grants health to the sick, comfort to the downhearted, and a brave heart to those who are healthy. Nor is the wine sent without a flask. This is indeed what I have done in this kingdom. To my servants I sent my words, which can be compared to the best of wine, and they shall give them to others, because my words are healthful. By the flask I mean you, who are hearing my words. You have done both things, for you have heard and delivered my words. You are my flask. I shall fill you whenever I like and drain you whenever I please. Thus, my Spirit will show you where you should go and what you should say. May you fear no one but me. You must gladly go anywhere I wish and boldly say whatever I command you, for nothing can withstand me. I will be there with you.

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