Day one of my Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian cruise line cruise. This cruise started in New york then went to Halifax & Saint John Canada, then Bar Harbor maine, Boston, Newport then back to New York. Day one of the cruise. Hey everyone, Im back from my cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. The cruise was a blast even with the crappy weather for the past few days. My mom, her friend Tom and myself were going on this cruise because it was a cheap week vacation that just happened to be over my 21st birthday. What better way to celebrate it then on a NCL cruise. Last Sunday we flew into Newarks airport. After collecting our bags we took a bus service that brings you to Grand Central Station for $15 each. The bus is a large charter bus and I think only two other people were on this 50 seat bus besides us. The bus ride was nice and relaxing, easy to take in all the sighs as we made our way to Manhattan. We played whoever spots the ship first wins. Once we arrived at Grand Central we met with Toms son and we went to this diner called Comfort food. We had a quick breakfast then decided to walk over to the ship. This was the best decision we made that day. Because we took the 15 minute walk we avoided all the traffic at the pier (three ships total that day). Once we arrived at our dock we went straight through security and check in. Literally 15 minutes later we were on the ship drinking our Champagne. We boarded around noon so cabins were still not ready. We headed over to Dazzles where they

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