Product DescriptionThere have been many stories of New M? Mexico writing for the p? Public in general in? Last one? You. However, New M? Mexico’s past and future approaches to the state’s history differently. First, Tom? S Ch? Once said dates and the names are not important. Relative time and cause and effect are important clues to make sense of the whole story. Second, history is the history of human beings, people who feel the sadness and happiness and pain, people who lived? To the land which was called New M? Mexico. For this story, the history of New M? Mexico is divided into five sections: the per? Odo before the arrival of Europeans, the per? Odo colonial both Spanish, which began? with the first European expeditions in the area in 1536 and ended? when M? Mexico broke? with Espa? to in 1821, the Independence of M? Mexico was the third and the m? s short period, but the history of New M? Mexico, which dur? until 1846, per? odo territorial, which began? officially in 1850 and dur? sixty-two a? you, and? last of them, the period, but statehood that. . . M? S>>

New Mexico Past and Future

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