Product DescriptionHollywood has come and gone for Jim and Penny, the TV movie about the Classmate Murders Has Been Shown on TV and filmed and Their lives are back to normal now. A woman eating Into Jim’s office one day from a mystery writers organization to join Jim Requesting Them on a luxury cruise of the Pacific Ocean to Give a speech about historical book, movie and historical adventures being to P. I. But Jim and Penny eleven Have Sailed port the fun begins. It Seems Mystery Writers Are a murderous bunch of people and someone does not like A Few of the writers and a book agent, so turning up People Are Dead. The Captain of the liner Jim decide to enlist in the hunt for the killer Before the cruise goes south. Are Jim and Penny joined by Buck and Maria As They try to solve the crime and the Mystery Writers Give Something to write about in this ninth book of the Jim Richards murder novels. . . . More>>

Mystery Cruise Murders