Memories Product DescriptionThis is a husband, father, doctor and friend. Jack Bartels became a success in life above all for its own internal momentum, but luck played a role in some critical juncture. In her many years later could compare the character Jack Bartels TV “Archie Bunker”, and most of the comparisons would have been right. To take it at face value, however, would be a mistake. Jack was in many ways a study in contradictions. Vocally he was stubborn but open-minded, confident yet in very shy and daring, but also deeply compassionate when people needed it most. He never sought accolades and awards like so many others do, and so his life is one worth remembering. Everyone. . . More>>

More Than Just Cheap Cigars: The Life and Times of My One-of-a-Kind Father – A Stogy Smoking, Gruff-Talking Obstetrician

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