EXTENDED edited version (version extendida y editada) here: www.youtube.com I bring you this now classic semifinal match between Germany and Mexico. if you are a germany fan or a Mexico fan, you can’t deny that this match was one of the most entertaining in recent history and will go down as one of mexico’s biggest Victories. But credit to Germany they fought with so much strength and bravery. More than a Mexico Victory this was a victory for football fans. sorry for the poor quality but this way it wont get taken down by youtube. HD video coming! (well sort of HD) Note: If you do not like the Music, then DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LEAVE NOW!!! I will not change it and your rude comments will be removed ASAP. Some people actually enjoy this music and if you can’t be open minded enough to appreciate this for what it is then LEAVE. for the rest of you THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your kind comments. thanks for watching and enjoy! ARRIBA MEXICO!!! Much Love Deutschland!! EXTENDED Video Link: www.youtube.com

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