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In this day and time even men should take good care of their skin. Women are not the only ones that should do skin care. Many manufacturers have now realized that men are in the market for products to use on their skin. Men’s skin care products such as face wash and body wash are seen in the stores now. We need to examine how men need to care for their skin.

Men’s pores are a bit larger in size than women’s and their skin usually is a bit oilier too. This helps dirt collect on the skin and clog pores. This means that men need to cleanse their skin with a similar routine as women have used for years. Soap is not the best cleanser for the face because it usually is too rough on the skin and does not completely rinse off. Face washes and body washes are much better designed for this task.

After shaving you men need to cleanse your face with a good face wash. This will unclog pores fully and allow the face to breath. If you don’t mind using a product women have used there are products out there that do actually help minimize pore size. There is really no reason that men can’t use some of the same products women use on their faces as long as they pick according to skin type. Most men just feel more comfortable buying products packaged and made for men. You can purchase organically based face washes too.

Cleansing is not the only thing you need to do to take care of your skin. You need to tone it too. To return the skin to the proper PH you have to use a toner after washing it. There are many different brands of toners in the stores today. You may have try more than one to find the one you like. As with the cleansers you can find one that is naturally based. You will love how your skin feels after giving it a good cleaning and toning.

When you get through with toning you should put on some kind of moisturizer. The best kind of moisturizers for oily skin is the water based ones they are not as heavy. Oily skin does not need heavy moisture creams. Read the ingredient list and find one that contains no alcohol too.

Skin cells do die when they get to the surface of your skin. You need to most of the time remove these for they do not always fall off by themselves. This process for removing dead skin cells is called ex foliation. You can use special products on the market today for this purpose and should do this at least once a week. You usually do this after cleansing or along with cleansing your face. Some face washes may ex foliate too.

To get the rest of your body clean use the men’s body wash. As with the face wash these rinse off the body and leave no residue. You can find several brand names of these body washes for men these days. You may have to try more than one to find the right one for you.

You need to protect your skin with a sunscreen that not only protects for the UVB rays but the more harmful UVA rays too. Unprotected sun exposure can cause serious skin problems the worst of which is skin cancer. So apply your sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more when you are going to be outside for too long of periods of time also make sure to apply again every few hours. Don’t forget to coat your lips with a lip balm that has a good SPF too.

A healthy diet with correct water consumption is also great for the skin. You should not smoke as smoking does make the blood vessels constrict and makes the skin have trouble not only getting oxygen but nutrients too. The intake of alcohol in too much quantity can cause the skin to age also. Take these tips to heart men and practice them and you too can have younger and healthy looking skin.

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