Product Description trials? NThe ten in the religion? Local n M? Colonial Mexico gives information? N on religious culture in the M? Colonial Mexico. Carlos Eire essay begins the study with the meaning of “religion? No popular” in the M? colonial Mexico. Rubial Antonio Garc? To examining the use of icons. Austin Martin Nesvig essay discusses Tlatelolco, a city near Tenochtitlan and the site of the University of M? Mexico for EDUCATIONFORALL? n ind? gena, where Indian students? lat? n cl? musician, gram? tica espa? wave, and theology? a cat? lica in the preparation? n for the priesthood. William Taylor’s writing uses a XVIII century Franciscan friar to demonstrate that priests transferred their own religion? ny networks of authority, power and knowledge into their pastoral service. Tav David? Rez uses examples of Oaxaca to show seventeenth-century Zapotec unwilling convert to Catholicism, preferring to maintain the “shirk? To” the beliefs of his ancestors. Edward Osowski presents the stories of two Nahua alms collectors. . . M? S>>

Local Religion in Colonial Mexico

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